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Taíla Carrilho

About us

We intend to combine playfulness, usefulness and motivation in all the objects we produce and interventions in which we are involved.

These are the values with which we try to seek exclusivity in the work we produce. A work steeped in the place and time that we are. A work done in Mozambique with the materials and suggestions found around us.

From Mozambique to Mozambicans and to the world, intending on delving into modernity without forgetting the anchor of the tradition that characterizes us.

Latest Products

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All the objects we produce are handmade in Mozambique, with materials and sugestions found around us. Exclusivity is key!

Handmade brasspalm MOZ bracelet

Brass palm"MOZ" bracelet Bracelets

Brass and Hornearrings

Brass and Hornearrings Earrings

Handmade brass crown

Brass crown Crowns

Handmade brass earrings and chain

Brass earrings and chain Earrings, Chains

Handmade Wood and brass earrings and brass necklace

Wood and brass earrings and brass necklace Earrings, Necklaces

Handmade brass body chain

Brass body chain Body Chains

Atelier Taíla Carrilho Logo

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While our online store is being finilized, you are welcome to order any of our products through our contacts or the contact form provided. Also, if you have enqueries please don't hesitate to get in touch.